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I am a herpetologist with research interests broadly centered around behavioural and evolutionary ecology of reptiles. My integrative approach combines field surveys and computer-based modelling to provide insights into the adaptive significance of reptiles to the changes in their environment.


Here you will find information on my research, publications (including links to my papers) and public outreach activities.


Hot off the science press ...


The ecological importance of crocodylians: towards evidence-based justification for their conservation

Somaweera et al

Biological Reviews


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: Knowledge shortfalls threaten the effective conservation of freshwater crocodiles

Somaweera et al.

Global Ecology and Conservation


Last lizard standing: The enigmatic persistence of the Komodo dragon

Shine and Somaweera

Global Ecology and Conservation

In other sciency news ...


My lil ones', Rehan's and Nehan's, short video series Backyard Creatures encourages fellow kids to explore their own backyards and naturals places around the house. 


My YouTube channel Zootopica sheds light to the wonders and mysteries of the natural world through podcasts, wild adventures and intellectual discussions with fellow scientists.