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Scientist | Environmental Consutant | Explorer | Dad

I am an evolutionary biologist with a strong academic and research background on how species and their habitats confront challenges of global change, and designing sound management and conservation actions for their preservation. Over the last 15 years, I have led and managed large-scale projects for a range of clients including the mining industry, federal and state government departments, NGOs, Indigenous corporations and community groups in Australia and Asia. I have undertaken postgraduate and undergraduate teaching and project supervision at multiple institutes, and active involved in public awareness campaigns with multiple international organizations.


Here you will find information on my research, publications (including links to my papers), artwork and public outreach activities.

My recent contributions to science...


Somaweera and Drimmer, 2023

National Geographic/ Disney Books

In other sciency news ...


My YouTube channel Zootopica sheds light to the wonders and mysteries of the natural world through vodcasts , discussions and adventure videos.

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