I am a herpetologist with research interests broadly centered around behavioural and evolutionary ecology of reptiles. My integrative approach combines field surveys and computer-based modelling to provide insights into the adaptive significance of reptiles to the changes in their environment.


A global assessment conducted by myself and colleagues shows that one in five species of reptiles in the world do not have enough information to make a conservation status assessment (classed as “Data Deficient”) and a further one in five being globally threatened with extinction, mainly due to habitat and environmental change. Most of my previous and current research focuses on understanding these patterns and the underlying processes.

Hot off the science press ...


Somaweera et al.

Global Ecology and Conservation

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: Knowledge shortfalls threaten the effective conservation of freshwater crocodiles


Pyron & Somaweera


Further notes on the Sri Lankan uropeltid snakes Rhinophis saffragamus
and Uropeltis ruhunae


Shine and Somaweera

Global Ecology and Conservation

Last lizard standing: The enigmatic persistence of the Komodo dragon

In other sciency news ...

Adaviya_Ruchira Somaweera

An attempt to encourage students in Sri Lanka to take up more wildlife and nature-related research through showcasing our research programs elsewhere. Another step towards conservation through awareness.


A comprehensive guide to all species of herpetofauna of Komodo National Park

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