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The second edition of my Sinhala language book ‘Snake of Sri Lanka’  was launched in June 2023. This nearly 400-page edition is co-authored with devoted herpetologists Sanoj Wijayasekara and Sanjaya Bandara, with specialised chapters by Anjana Silva (snake venom), Kanishka Ukuwela (phylogenetic), Thasun Amarasinghe (morphometrics) and Thaveesha de Alwis (look-alike snakes), and a splendid cover by award-winning designer Kasun Benaragama.

Features of the 2nd edition include:

  • >50 page introductory section on the ecology, venom, history of exploration and conservation of Sri Lankan snakes;

  • Detailed information on identification, ecology, distribution, venom and status of all 108 species of snakes known from the island to-date;

  • Over 450 colour images covering all species, showing ontogenetic and geographical colour variations and close-ups of key features;

  • Illustrated, easy-to-use keys for each and every multi-specious genera;

  • Section on easy identification of look-alike species;

  • Extensive reference list related to Sri Lankan snakes; and  

  • many more 


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Direct Bank Deposit - Sri Lanka

LRK 6,200/- with no postage. Pick-up in Colombo and Kandy. If postage within Sri Lanka is needed, please contact Sanjaya (077 635 7813) to discuss arrangements and costs before depositing. 

Bank : Sampath Bank

Branch : Peradeniya  

Acc. Name : R.A.S.K. Bandara 

Acc. No. : 105154087530

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