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Refereed Book Chapters and Journal Articles


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  2. Aubert, C and 18 co-authors including Somaweera, R. 2024. Estimating total length of partially submerged crocodylians from drone imagery. Drones. 8(3):115; (Read Here)



  1. Somaweera, R., Udyawer, V., de Fresnes, J., Amarasinghe, T. and Catherall, J. and Molchanova, G. 2023. Coordinated and communal hunting behaviours by Erabu sea krait Laticauda semifactiata. Scientific Reports. 13:21471 (Get PDF).

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  4. Silva, A., de Alwis, T., Wijesekara, S. and Somaweera, R. 2023. Minimising misidentification of common medically important snakes of Sri Lanka in the hospital setting. Anuradhapura Medical Journal. 17(2):50-57 (Read here).

  5. Batabyal, A., Zambre, A., Mclaren, T., Rankin, K.J., Somaweera, R., Stuart-Fox, D. and Thaker, M. 2023. The extent of rapid colour change in male agamid lizards is unrelated to overall sexual dichromatism. Ecology and Evolution. 2023;13:e10293 (Get PDF).

  6. Somaweera, R., Suyanto, A., Quah, R., Jensen, M. and Amarasinghe, T. 2023.  Trimeresurus insularis (White-lipped Island Pit Viper): Terrestriality. Herpetological Review 54(1):145-146 (Get PDF).

  7. Goldstein, E., Erinjery, J., Martin, G., Kasturiratne, A., Ediriweera, D., Somaweera, R., de Silva, H.J., Diggle, P., Lalloo, D., Murray, K., & Iwamura, T. 2023. Climate change maladaptation for health: Agricultural practice against shifting seasonal rainfall affects snakebite risk for farmers in the tropics. iScience. 26 (2): 105946 (Read here)

  8. Martín, G., Erinjery, J.J., Ediriweera, D., Goldstein, E., Somaweera, R., de Silva, H.J. Lalloo, D.G., Iwamura, T. and Murray, K.A. (submitted) Global change effects on snakebite: environmental and health sustainability trade-offs. The Lancet Planetary Health.



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  2. Speed, C.W., Wilson, N.G., Somaweera, R., Udyawer, V., Meekan, M.G., Whisson, C., & Miller, K. 2022. Video surveys of sea snakes in the mesophotic zone shed light on trends in populations. Frontiers in Marine Science 9:921542. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.921542 (Get PDF).

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  3. Somaweera, R. and Somaweera, R. 2021. Nuclear–follower foraging behaviour between Western
    Australian common octopus and brown-spotted wrasse. Marine and Freshwater Research. (Read here).

  4. Somaweera, R., Hoff, O. and Lilley, R. 2021. Gekko kuhli (Kuhl’s Flying Gecko): Indonesia. Herpetological Review 52(3): 576. (Get PDF)

  5. Lachlan, P., Somaweera, R., Kaiser, S., Ward-Fear, G. and Shine, R. 2021. The impact of invasive toads (Bufonidae) on monitor lizards (Varanidae): an overview and prospectus. Quarterly Review of Biology. 96(2): 105-125 (Get PDF).


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Before 2008

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‘Snakes of Sri Lanka’

(2nd Edition)

2023. Published by Authors.

Order copies


Amphibians and Reptiles of Komodo National Park


Aaranya Odysseys



The Ultimate Book of Reptiles

2023. Nat Geo Kids, USA

Available online

Reptiles of Bali_Ruchira Somaweera.jpg

Reptiles & Amphibians of Bali (1st Edition)

2017. John Beaufoy Publishing, UK.

Available online


Wildlife Research in Australia

2022. CSIRO, Australia

Available online

Lizards of Sri Lanka

Lizards of Sri Lanka: A colour guide with field keys.

2009. Chaimaira, Germany

Available online


Reptiles & Amphibians of Bali (2nd Edition)

2020. John Beaufoy Publishing, UK.

Available online

Snakes of Sri Lanka

‘Snakes of Sri Lanka’

(1st Edition)

2006. Wildlife Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka

Get PDF (draft version)

Fogg Dam Book

Fogg Dam: How Scientists See Nature.

2013. University of Sydney, e-book.


Venomous Snakes of Sri Lanka

Venomous Land Snakes of

Sri Lanka

2011. Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society


Carnivorous Mammals of Sri Lanka

Carnivorous Mammals of

Sri Lanka

2007. Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society


Herbivorous Mammals of Sri Lanka

Herbivorous Mammals of

Sri Lanka

2007. Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Pythons of Australia

Pythons of Australia

2010. The University of Sydney


Snakes of Darwin

Snakes of Darwin

2009. The University of Sydney



Reptiles of Barrow Island, Western Australia

2023. Ru Somaweera and

Steve Wilson.


Herps of Komodo Poster.PNG

Amphibians and Reptiles of Komodo National Park

2018. Aaranya Wildlife Odysseys.


Sea snake of Kimberley_Somaweera.jpg

Guide to the Sea Snakes of the Kimberley Coast of WA

2015. Department of Parks and Wildlife


Mettems pool fish poster-Recovered.jpg

Fishes of Mettam's Pool

2021. Woodlands Primary School 


Argyle Fish copy.jpg

Fishes of Argyle

2024. Stantec 


Omeo_fish_poster copy.jpg

Fishes of Omeo



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