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Jane (on-screen expert for crocodiles)

Apple TV+. Apr 2023



Weird Animal Week for National Geographic Explorer Academy Adventures (on-screen expert for reptiles)

Dec 2022


Australasia’s remarkable reptiles and amphibians – in pictures

The Gaurdian. Jul 2022




Perth boy Rehan Somaweera has become one of Australia's youngest authors of a scientific paper.

ABC News. Aug 2021





Young Marine Scientist. ABC Behind the News. Aug 2021

Their love for the ocean is deep. The Sunday Times. Aug 2021


Rehan Somaweera. 10-Year-Old Lankan, One of Australia's Youngest Scientific Paper Authors.

Pulse LK. Aug 2021

Rehan Somaweera: One of the youngest people in Australia to author a published scientific paper.

The Sunday Morning. Sep 2021 

What treasures did we find at Ashmore Reef Marine Park? ECOS. Sep 2021



Double take: New study analyzes global, multiple-tailed lizards. Science Daily. July 2020.

‘Science with RU’ – Busting myths with science. The Sunday Morning. June 2020.

Think you’ve seen a mermaid? This Sri Lankan scientist sets the record straight. Mongabay. June 2020.

Understanding complex interactions the key to the freshwater croc’s future. CSIRO ECOS. Feb 2020.


Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters. S1 E - Toxic Invader.  May 2019.

Bringing to light the creatures of the dark. The Sunday Morning. Sep 2019. 

Sri Lanka eyes lucrative charismatic species to save lesser-known ones? Mongabay. Sep 2019.

How the Last Dragons Survived Extinction. Inside Science. Aug 2019.

Snake mistake: CSIRO says it's a myth that Australia is home to world's deadliest species. The Guardian. Jun 2019


Scientist makes the stunning claim that Australia is NOT home to the world’s deadliest snakes. Daily Mail. Jun 2019

Australian snake myths busted by CSIRO. PerthNow. Jun 2019


Snake. Produced for Nat Geo Wild. Mar, 2019. 


‘I preferred animal underdogs’: the snake expert helping Nat Geo bust Hollywood serpent myths.

South China Morning Post. Mar 23, 2019. 



A plastic-free holiday. NatGeo Asia. Dec 6, 2018. 

Outback. Produced for Channel Nine and PBS by Northern Pictures


Photos show crocodile eating sawfish in Australia. BBC News. Apr 12, 2017


Crocodile takes down savage sawfish in Australian waters. The Daily Telegraph. Apr 13, 2017

Drone unleashed on weeds threatening crocodile nesting areas in the Kimberley. ABC Rural. Jan 18, 2017


Mission to find biological control for major weed stinking passionflower in northern Australia. ABC Rural. Dec 15, 2016


Tide turning for Kimberley crocodiles. WAMSI. Oct 24, 2016.

European Pet Trade Endangers Rare Reptiles. STEAM Register. July 20, 2016.


Gecko clearance sale: Pet trade is jeopardizing survival of rare reptile species. Science Daily. July 12, 2016.


Meet the Perth scientist showing the hidden wild side of Bali to tourists. Perth Now. Mar 14, 2016.



Call out for citizen scientists to help study Kimberley sea snakes. ABC Kimberley. Aug 18, 2015.

Guide to the Sea Snakes of the Kimberley Coast of Western Australia. Ocean Whispers. Oct 15 2015



One of the most detailed crocodile surveys attempted underway at a remote gorge in Western Australia's Kimberley. Daily Mail Australia. Sep 5, 2014


Crocodile survey underway in WA's Kimberley ahead of cane toad arrival. ABC News. Sep 4, 2014 


New research on Sri Lankan Horned Lizards. Anole Annals. Feb 14, 2014.


Crocodile survey - finding new ways to end croc-human conflict. Sunday Observer. Jan 19, 2014. 



Rare Horned Lizards of Sri Lanka revealed. National Geographic Weird and Wild. Nov 28, 2013 


DNA sequencing used to learn the history if native snakes. Red Orbit. Mar 13, 2013. 


New Sri Lanka snake species found in island country. Science Blog. Mar 12, 2013.


Sri Lanka, home to new snake species. The Sunday Times. Feb 10, 2013 


Turtles, snakes and lizards head toward extinction. NBC News. Feb 15, 2013.


Lake Argyle study looks at croc homes. Science Network WA. Jun 5, 2012. 


Dispatches from the field: spectacular horned lizards, leeches and delicious curries in Sri Lanka. The Lizard Lab Blog. Jan 30, 2012. 


Species at risk from cane toads. WA Department of Parks and Wildlife. 


Close encounters in lab teach crocs to avoid toads. The West Australian. Jun 10, 2011. 


Crocs and us: A way to live together. The Sunday Times. Dec 4, 2011. 


Crocodile paradise under spotlight. The West Australian. Sep 10, 2010. 



On the trail of the little known lizards. The Sunday Times. Sep 20, 2009


Field school brings students to Borneo. Harvard Gazette. Oct 25, 2007. 


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